Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goat Cheese Stuffed Eggs

I catered a cocktail party for my mom and a friend of hers last month. It was for about thirty people. We did some standard things like shrimp cocktail, a cheese board, and olives.

While thinking about summer finger food I wanted to do a twist on deviled eggs. I found this recipe for goat cheese stuffed eggs. The recipe was rated highly so I thought I'd give them a try. I was a little thrown by the chutney; what kind of chutney do you use? The only chutney I ever have on hand is mango chutney. I don't think it matters what kind you use. These were the hit of the party! They all wanted the recipe and now they're printing it in their neighborhood association's newsletter.

They also wanted the recipe for these crab cakes with lemon dill sauce that I made small for easy finger food.

I got a variety of cheeses from fabulous Feast!
Then I did roasted aparagus and wrapped them with prosciutto from Mona Lisa Pasta.

With the vegetable platter I put the dips in hollowed out peppers.

I used my stand by recipe for some outrageous brownies. The recipe makes a whole jelly roll pan of them.
I found authentic italian amaretti cookies to make this super citrus semifreddo. I've made this for the family and they loved it. It has a little bit of lemoncello in it (my absolute favorite liquor!) so I served little glasses of lemoncello with the dessert. I want to try making lemoncello for Christmas presents this year.
I think they had a good time and that's all that really matters when you throw a party!

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