Sunday, July 19, 2009

Julia & Julie

I'm very excited about the release of the movie Julie & Julia. I highly recommend both books that Nora Ephron wrote the screenplay from. I was so amused by Julie Powell's book Julie & Julia and have had my Julia Child moment and soaked up My Life in France. I can't wait to see what Meryl Streep and Amy Adams do with their characters.
Another very interesting looking movie coming out is Food, inc. It exposes America's industrialized food system and it's effect on our environment, health, economy and workers' rights. I definitely want to see it!

I've been trying to find some new food related podcasts (besides my favorite, The Splendid Table) to listen to on my summer travels and am really enjoying The Restaurant Guys . They own a couple of restaurants in New Jersey and have very interesting conversations with an array of foodie guests.
Eating well while traveling can be so difficult.
I'm really big on bringing some healthy things from home with you. There's nothing better when you're starving and/or queasy from getting up at 3am to catch a flight, than to pull a juicy apple or a granola bar out of your bag to tide you over when your flight is delayed. Otherwise, you end up grabbing overpriced fatty snacks at the airport. I have to share this picture of my airplane food. I hate to complain because it's rare to even get food on a plane these days, but after a week in Italy of the most amazing meals ever, this was my meal on the way home. Appetizing huh!
I've even taken to packing picnics for road trips. We find a grassy knoll at a rest stop and spread out a blanket and have a homemade meal instead of rushing through fast food or a sit down meal that disappoints and takes too long.
Enjoy those summer travels and eat well!

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