Monday, June 7, 2010

Tastes Like Summer

It's blueberry and raspberry time again! The blueberries are so big this year. I need to go back and get more for canning. Our local berry patch is so popular (over picked), they've really limited the hours of picking.

I had a big dinner for visiting cousins last weekend and used some of these berries to make 

My dad came up to see the visiting family and decided since they are from Arizona maybe some good Virginia soft shell crabs would be fun to serve.

He loves to use an electric wok, so he sauteed them up in that.

Tasted like summer in Urbana to me! Fantastic.

I rounded out the dinner with spicy grilled shrimp, mahi mahi kebabs, orzo salad, fresh greens from the garden and bread.
It was a lovely night catching up with family.

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