Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My youngest daughter Ruby (9 yrs. old)  just had a wonderful experience gathering honey from bee's at her good friend Lillian's house.

They donned the proper attire and then helped Lillian's Dad transfer the honey combs to another box to get to the honey. She was very brave and interested in the whole process.
They spun it out of the combs and then put it into jars.
She  came home with jars of honey and lots of fun facts about honey bee's and the workings of a hive.
She's been eating honey on everything since then. It's wonderful raw local honey.
Maybe I'll get to watch (from a distance) next time.
If you're interested in keeping bee's here's a great article from Mother Earth News called Keep Bee's Naturally .

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  1. I told Nolan that I thought this batch of honey is one of the darkest and most flavorful so far and he thinks it because the bees had a wide variety of plants to pollinate and a ton of Plum, Peach and Apple trees.
    Or maybe Ruby spun some magic into it!