Monday, June 14, 2010

Sand Pail Cake

My lovely cousin from Arizona that visited last week said she was having a little thank you gift sent, so to be on the look out for it this week. The UPS guy pulled in the drive way and left two boxes from Dean & Deluca. I was immediatly excited to see what was inside.
First was a lovely bottle of Savingnon Blanc from Rudd Vineyards in CA.
Then there was a cooler box containing this ridiculously cute sand pail cake. The entire thing is edible!
The shells and sand are white chocolate, the inside is chocolate cake, and the outside is a fondant.
You too can order one from !

I made deviled eggs from our chickens' eggs last week for a gathering. Fresh eggs are so hard to peel, so I did a little research to see if there was a way to make it easier. The most common recommendation was to put them in ice water immediately after the boiling water and let them sit for awhile. No such luck here, it took me about an hour to peel a dozen eggs. Next time I get a craving for deviled eggs I'm using store bought eggs. I did use one double yoker which made for a very amusing deviled double yoker.

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