Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What kind of flour do you use? I'm always curious what other's opinions and experiences are with different kinds of flour.  I always have on hand; all purpose flour, bread flour, and whole wheat flour. I love King Arthur Flour so whenever I see it on sale I buy a lot of it. Sometimes it's hard to tell if your baking or cooking is getting better because of something you're doing or is it that you've just learned to use great ingredients.
I tried some local Wade's Mill flour from Whole Foods recently and it gave a nice texture to my scones. I always use their cornmeal, it's great.
I ran into my friend Ellen at Sam's Club recently and she was buying their 25 lb bag of bread flour. I just hadn't considered it before, but she bakes a lot of bread and was having good results with it. It had been recommended to her by someone else. So in my cart goes the 25lb. bag. It was only $6.87!!
My bread has been fine with it. My only complaint is that it's bleached. So I still look for  King Arthur all purpose on sale, but the 25 lbs. for $6.87 can't be beat for all of the loaves I make for sandwich bread. King Arthur cake flour is wonderful too. I've used it recently for coffee cake and caramel cake.

These "as seen on TV" stay fresh bags were also recommended to me, so I thought I would give them a try. They are supposed to prolong the freshness of your bread- (brown bags) and fruits & vegetables-
( green bags).
They seem to be working well but I'm going to do a true test. For the bread I will divide a loaf in half and store one half in a ziplock bag and the other in the new bag and see if they really work.
I'll do the same with some kind of vegetable in the refrigerator. I will report back to you with my results and see if they are worth it. I got these at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

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