Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kebabs and Kabobs

In my Jan. 26th 2010 blog entry I mentioned a wonderful chinese restaurant we had been to for lunch and what a great value it was. Well Asian Inn Taste of China has more of a following than I realized. I just heard the hoopla about the famous chinese chef, so check out these articles in The New Yorker and  Oxford America all about chef Chang here in little ol' Charlottesville. I must get there again soon before he up and leaves!

And now about those Debbie Meyer Bread Bags....I put some bread in a regular ziplock and some in the Debbie Meyer  bread bag for about a week. They seemed to dry out about the same, still no mold on either one, but the bread in the regular ziplock got a strong alcohol smell but the other one was still fine. They were from the same homemade loaf, so I give the bread bags two thumbs up. The Debbie Meyer Green Bags seemed to work too, as long as you dry the produce off really well before storing it in the bag.

Finally got to Ariana Grill and Kabob House last week. Someone may want to tell them their web page may appear frightening to some people. ( It made me laugh hard).

My lunch was great. I got two appetizers: Baudinjam Buranee- fried eggplant and Bolanee Kachalow- turnovers with seasoned potatoes.
Mark got a kabob wrap that was good but nothing special. We tried a green tea and a Doogh (yogurt drink).
We both flinched on our  first sip of the Doogh. I guess we're so use to sweet yogurt drinks. This was quite sour, almost like buttermilk, with cucumber and mint. I can see how it might be very refreshing, (in the Afghan desert).
Looking forward to trying more items for dinner. We love kabobs and even speak kabob. Kacheckbob kaitbob kaoutbob. I think I'd only had kebabs before...

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