Saturday, January 30, 2010


See what happens with all of  these cold winter days. We start debating Vodka!
We both like a good martini occasionally.  Mark has taken to buying really low shelf Popov (must we let this budget thing effect our vodka?).  I say it's fine for him because he likes to mix in lots of sweet stuff. I however drink it straight up with an olive. Well if I had my way I'd drink only Grey Goose. Have you seen how beautiful that bottle is! And it's from France, need I say more. Anyway, I said I'd be fine with the lowest brand a restaurant would serve you which is usually something like Smirnoff. While we were at the liquor store I got another really cheap brand, Burnett's, which my dad has always liked.
Let the tasting begin:
 I set it up so he couldn't put the same kind in every glass and then say "fooled you". We  poured them together and then mixed them up, since the glasses were labeled.
I stand by the fact that Popov is very strong smelling with a chemical taste. I, however chose the smooth non chemically taste of Burnett's over Smirnoff. I'm a bottom shelf drinker after all. My low brow husband picked the Smirnoff as the smoothest.
At least we haven't started buying Popov and putting it through our Brita filter. ( Mom why does the water taste funny?)

My perfect size martini with the perfect olive ratio.
I hope the sun comes out soon........., oh look it's schnowing aagain.......

P.S. I still accept gifts of Grey Goose!

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