Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Day

We may spend Christmas Day in our pajamas, but we still eat well. Years ago, we started a tradition of having crepes Christmas morning.

I make a  basic sweet crepe and then we put in mixed berries and  vanilla yogurt, and topped them off with maple syrup. My dad chopped up this beautiful fruit salad. ( Notice the strawberry man in the middle!)

Santa was very good to me! Actually my men were. My Dad gave me the ultimate spanish cookbook '1080 Recipes'. I'd checked it out of the library a number of times and knew I wanted to own it. I love the illustrations by Javier Mariscal so much. He also brought me some coffee and saffron from Spain.  Mark got me Italy's bestselling culinary bible  'The Silver Spoon'.  I've got some reading to do.

New Year's Eve was pretty calm around here (besides six teenage girls running around!). 
I did make these spicey glazed nuts (another David Lebovitz recipe) that I could not stop eating. They are so addicting.

Happy New Year! Here's to some wonderful culinary adventures in 2010. One of my resolutions is to broaden my food repetoire. There are so many things that I've never made before, that I need to just dive in and try. I started today by buying a duck. I've never made duck before so here I go.

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