Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

On a cold rainy January Sunday I decided a homemade chicken pot pie would hit the spot. I followed the recipe from The Art & Soul of Baking. The book has fantastic bread recipes so of course the crust was wonderful.

You can check out the recipe here and look at their beautiful picture. Ok, so I don't have a chicken cookie cutter. I had to assure the children that our cat and pet bunny were still just fine. You use what you have, right (for the cookie cutters). I thought this would look better than the dog bone cutter.

I've dined at several asian restaurants recently. I tried the fairly new Tara Thai in Barracks Road. I didn't realize it was a chain, until I saw the interior. It's identical to the one in Richmond at Short Pump. The food was tasty but I had a bad stomach later!

A great new chinese place is A Taste of China on 29N. At lunch time, for $6.25 you get a soup, a roll, a noodle dish, a main course, rice and a little dessert. It's a lot of good, fresh tasting food for a deal. It's my new local favorite chinese. I wasn't so impressed from what else C-ville had to offer as far a chinese food.

Then I went to a birthday gathering at Thai 99.  I hadn't been in years and hadn't been crazy about the food but I was pleasantly surprised. I had a curry and it was great. A while back Mark and I had a wonderful lunch at Pad Thai. We really have some good Thai choices in Charlottesville.

I hosted a breakfast recently and served lox and bagels. I got a variety of bagels from Bodos, which I declare are as good as any bagel in NYC. I mixed up some herbed cream cheese and had some plain, then I made a platter of lox, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers and capers. Yum.

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