Monday, April 25, 2011

Men Who Cook

My Mark doesn't cook a lot, but our good friend Marc does. Their wives were spending 12 hours on a field trip to Jamestown with fifth graders so the husbands got together to make us dinner. I have a weakness for men who can cook. Someone coined the phrase gastrosexuals for men (or women) who learn to cook to impress or entice the opposite sex.
The gastrosexuals Marc and Mark did a wonderful job. Mark made us grapefruit martinis and there was liver pate to start.
The first course was snails in puff pastry.
Marc made a wonderful flavorful broth with butter and garlic and then served them on the puff pastry.
Our girls had never tried snails before and 2 out of 3 approved.
The main course was pan fried turkey cutlets
with braised collard greens.
For dessert, daughter Madison used the leftover puff pastry and sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar and they served vanilla ice cream over them.
It felt so nice to be served such a lovely dinner in my own home!
A big thank you to the Marc(k)s.
You have an open invitation to cook dinner at my house anytime.

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