Wednesday, April 13, 2011


How much do you think about the amount of meat you eat? (If you eat meat) I'm still ok with eating meat, but am trying to make better choices with how the meat I buy is farmed. I also think even those of us who eat meat could eat a lot less of it and add more fresh produce to our diets. I'm still trying to follow the meatless mondays movement and continue to see lots of references to it in the media. Check out their website which even gives recipes.
I teach yoga on Monday nights, so to honor that I usually end up making an Indian vegetarian dish. With Indian food, I don't even miss the meat.
Some people make a difference by eating vegetarian during the day, and then having meat with dinner. Any way you can find to cut back on your meat consumption will benefit your health and the environment.

What do you make when you have nothing planned for dinner? Do you have some fall back standards?
Like when you get home from vacation and not much is in the house. We've been known to have pancakes.
Some other favorites are omelets, quiches, grilled cheese and soup, spaghetti with olive oil and garlic and a wonderful stand by, spaghetti carbonara. I made some tonight!
It is so easy, and authentic Italian carbonara has no cream.

Just saute some cut up bacon in a pan. After awhile, add two whole garlic cloves, then a T. of butter.
In serving bowl, whisk two eggs and cracked pepper.
Boil a lb. of spaghetti , toss into eggs, then mix in bacon (taking out the garlic cloves)
Add lots of parmesan cheese.
You can't go wrong with this!

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