Friday, October 8, 2010

French Fridays with Dorie Greenspan

If you've ever clicked around from my blog list, other people's blogs that I follow, you may have checked out Dorie Greenspan. She's written many cookbooks and always has a lot of great information on her blog. She just came out with a gorgeous new cookbook called 'Around My French Table". The pictures are beautiful and most of the recipes have a wonderful story behind them. It doesn't seem like complicated french food, just lots of basics you can feed a family or entertain with. I think it is such a bargain from Amazon for $25 plus free shipping.
To tie in with the release of her new book she's doing French Fridays with Dorie. You sign in and then make the chosen recipe of the week and everyone blogs or comments on their experience on fridays. So this is my first week and the recipe was Gerard's Mustard Tart.
I was a little surprised the tart crust has an egg in it, but it was a great crust. The tart has dijon and whole grain mustard in it.
Here's my tart before it went in the oven.
And when it was done!
I thought is was really wonderful, especially the crust. I served it with a salad and a chilled glass of white wine. Sitting in my back yard on this warm night I was transported to France.

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