Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Helsinki, moi moi

I'm doing some traveling this summer and am experiencing some food around the Baltic.
Our first stop was Helsinki. Our first breakfast was plain yogurt, with granola in the top, a sandwich and some pretty bad coffee. The bread was very nice and grainy.
I love going in to food markets in any and every country. In Helsinki the salmon was piled high and looked so fresh. I was going to load up on crisp bread but realized I can easily get it back home.

Then we tried some traditional finnish pies, Karjalanpiirakat that come with different fillings.
They're very common and everyone has their own old family recipe. We had potato, carrot, and the really interesting sweet rice. I may try to make some when we get home using this recipe link.

On the streets we bought the most amazing fresh peas and snacked on them right out of the pods.

At the busy market place where the boats come in with fresh fish we got a lunch platter from one of the stands. It was the freshest tasting fish I've had in a long time. It came with potato balls, a little salad and wasa crisp bread. The fish had a spice mix on it and was grilled right there at the stand. It was the best food I had in Helsinki. The picture is quite orange because the tent we were under is orange.

For dinner we had Thai one night and Nepalese the next. Lots of Nepalese restaurants. It seemed very similar to Indian. 

A curry chicken, rice, naan etc. Very good but not as good as the fresh salmon.

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