Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fresh Egg

Hopefully I can change that title to fresh eggs soon. We only have two chickens, Ivy and Charlotte and the poor things have been shed bound with all of this snow. They are only about six months old.  I think the first egg came out of boredom. They usually have run of the whole yard and just wander back in to the shed at night.

 The girls just let them out for some fresh air and they seem so happy. I'm so proud of their first egg. It is so big it must be a jumbo! They are kind of plus size gals.
 I even thought the little poop on it was charming.

Now I need to decide how to eat the first special egg.......

P.S.- The next day I decided to fry it up for breakfast and lo and behold I got another surprise!
A double yolker!!
I just read up about them, and found out it's common when they first start laying until their reproductive system smoothes things out.


  1. Hi Scott,
    Good topic. I would love to get a few chickens for eggs. I am afraid the other beast will get as I live in the hills.

  2. So far, our chicken experience has been great. With only two it's very manageable and low maintenance. We do let them roam all over the yard but the dog and cat are used to them. The biggest problem is hawks. A hawk killed one of our neighbors roosters in our yard. Otherwise raccoons only come around at night and the chickens are safely back in their shed.