Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zabars - A Foodie's Mecca

Where we were staying in the city was not far from the fabulous New York institution Zabars. I hadn't been in so many years so I found a morning to go meander on my own.
I wandered upstairs to look at the house wares department. It was really impressive! I'd already perused Broadway Panhandler and Sur La Table in the city, which are both incredible stores. But I was amazed at how much Zabars has in stock, it's huge with an amazing selection. I also thought the prices were the best I saw in the city. My big purchase was a really large salad bowl, cherry wood, large enough to serve a dozen or so people. (only $29.)

And of course I picked up a variety of yummies down stairs, including cold cucumber soup, a terrific salmon spread, cinnamon rugelach and bitter orange marmalade to bring back to VA.
It's so worth a visit.

We also brought back 'Brunette' a belgian praline spread sold at Le Pain Quotidien. It's hazelnut butter and so amazing on bread. If you go to one of their places, they're all over the world, check out the Brunette. Their cook book looked really nice too. Ah..... maybe next visit.