Sunday, April 5, 2009

Paella for Papa

"Food is our most common ground, a universal experience"- James Beard

We invited my dad up to celebrate his birthday with us. He loves Spain and has traveled there numerous times, so I thought I'd go with a spanish theme and attempt Paella.
I looked at a lot of different recipes but I mostly followed Tyler Florence's recipe.
It turned out really well! Of course I don't have a paella pan but I made it in my big pasta pot. We found big yummy shrimp with the heads still attached. Next time instead of a whole cut up chicken I will use just drumsticks and thighs. There's something for everyone in there so even all of the kids liked it. There's lots of room for improvising too. I'm already thinking of vegetable additions for next time. Then my dad put together a beautiful salad, my brother Rob picked up some lovely spanish wine and we had ourselves a feast.
 We topped it off with a birthday cheesecake with fresh berries.

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  1. This paella was better than any I've had in Spain and the cheesecake was wonderful but
    the company was best of all. Scott's Dad