Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nine Grain Whole Wheat Harvest Bread

I am so excited to have found a whole grain bread recipe that is healthy and delicious. Some of my previous attempts at whole grain loaves were so dense they could have been used to build a stone wall. I get great results with the Bittman/ NY Times no rise bread, but don't want to eat white bread all of the time. This recipe is from The Art and Soul of Baking and it's great with dinner, for breakfast or for sandwiches. It calls for nine grain cereal and whole wheat flour. 
You can get the recipe on this web page.

Ate at The Local in Belmont last weekend and loved it! Great atmosphere, a little loud but charming with the exposed brick walls and great art work. We ate every single bite on our plates. The best dish we had was a spice rubbed pork chop on mashed potatoes and shoestring sweet potatoes with chipotle adobo gravy! Yum. There's a menu section of everything served with frites too. Can't wait to go back and try some other dishes.

I was so excited to see our favorite beach vacation spot, Ocracoke (Outer Banks of NC) featured, in Gourmet magazine. There is a recipe for  Frances O'Neal's Fig Cake so I'm thrilled to have something to do with the jar of perserved figs in syrup I bought there last summer. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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