Friday, March 6, 2009

Greenwood Gourmet Market

"I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food "~ W.C. Fields

I've loved the Greenwood Gourmet Market since my first visit years ago. They have the best sandwiches, which are perfect to take out to one of the wineries nearby. (King Family, Pollak and Veritas are all close). I stopped by the Market last week with time to kill, and it was so fun to really look at everything they carry. I happened upon Tom (the market's wine guy) in the wine section, so I asked him to recommend some reasonably priced wines to shake up my normal, stuck in a rut, grab at the last minute from the grocery store, routine. He was very knowledgeable about the wines they carried and took the time to walk me through their impressive selection. They have a whole section of Virginia wines too. I bought a red (Dona Ermelinda from Portugal) and a white (Celtus from Spain) from his recommendations and they were both excellent. I will go back for more soon!
Also picked up some yummy cinnamon creamed honey made by the Monks in Berryville and this amazing ginger spread that I've been slathering on everything from scones to brie.

We hosted a small, late night cocktail party to thank friends that volunteered to help us put on the school talent show . The highlight of this show was the pomegranate martinis! I also put out sweet potato biscuits with thin sliced Edwards ham, deviled eggs, a cheese board, veggies with a dill dip, chocolate chocolate chip cookies and the coffee crunch bars written and much blogged about from Bon Appetite. I thought they were great and personally ate way to many over the next few days.