Thursday, February 24, 2011


As you can probably tell I have quite a collection of cookbooks. I really love reading them. If I'm not in the middle of a novel, I tend to grab a couple at night and read through them before bed.
I was in the market for a mexican cookbook. I checked out some from the library by the very respected Diane Kennedy, but she'll have you growing the corn to grind your own masa if you follow her too closely. I decided I needed to own one of Rick Bayless's cookbooks on Mexican cooking. I researched them all and decided on Mexican Everyday.
He has lots of wonderful information between the recipes, so it makes for good late night reading. I haven't made anything from it yet but it inspired me to make tostados. We make a lot of quesadillas around here at lunch time. It's a great way to use up any leftover meat, vegetables or rice and I always have refried beans and cheese around. Then everyone makes them to their liking with or without hot sauce, salsa, sour cream, or avocados etc. You get the picture. I just never thought to do that with tostados, but they're great! Everyone loved them and you can't beat that crunch. My regular grocery store carries them, and the hispanic markets of course. They keep for awhile in the bread box too.
I'm still riding on my high of visiting India and love love love the food.
I heard about this book The Indian Slow Cooker  from a couple of different places, so I finally ordered it.
The recipes are so easy because you simple put all of the ingredients into your slow cooker. It uses a lot of Indian spices, but once you have those on hand it's so simple. Everything I've made so far has been fantastic.
I will work my way through the whole book. I did have to cut down on the amount of salt and chili's in most of the recipes.
I highly recommend it if you love Indian food.


  1. Love the tostados idea for leftovers. I have lot's piling up here. Also love you new photo.
    We should have done some Mexican food scouting when you were here. You don't get much more Mexican than Corpus Christi without crossing the border. Love, Dad

  2. We are the most ethnic boring white family I have ever met. I LOVE THIS FOOD. Indian and Mexican food has so many layers to it. It transports you to tastebud bliss.

    I can't wait to get home and get back in that comfort kitchen.

  3. I love reading cookbooks too! The rest of my family mocks me for it, but I think that they are just as nice to read as a regular book!