Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Food Gifts

I've been hard at work on my holiday food gifts.
 This year's liquor is cranberry orange vodka from Michael Chiarello.
You start with cranberries, sugar, and vanilla, heating them for about 6 minutes until they start to get juicy.
After they cool, put them in a jar with orange peels and cover with vodka.
Let it sit covered in a cool place (my basement fits the bill) for about one week.
Then strain into bottles. This is soooooo much easier than my lemoncello endeavor last year. Zesting all of those lemons about killed me.
Besides looking beautiful it's delicious. I already served it for a gathering, putting an ounce or two in a champagne flute, filling it with champagne or prosecco and garnishing with the vodka soaked cranberries. So festive!!
It can also be served with tonic.

This is a curry lentil soup in a jar.
And as usual, there are my jam's from summer canning.
This year I made balsamic strawberry jam, strawberry syrup, and raspberry jam.

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