Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The ultimate food journey, Italy! 

Just returned from a trip where we had some amazing meals all in the name of blog research, right?! First we went to Venice where the prosecco flows freely. We tried hard to get away from the touristy/pricey areas and did very well! At Casa Bonita  in the Cannaregio area we found a delicious bargain. The first night we just ordered pasta, salad, desert, and wine but after sitting there we clued in to what the locals were ordering and had to go back the next night to do it right. This (pictured) was an amazing, very venetian appetizer, but we couldn't clarify the names of some of the items. We tend to call everything shrimp and each item had a different name such as scampi, prawns, shrimp etc. There was some raw tuna and octopus too. So fresh!
Then we had the grilled fish of the day and the waiter filleted it all right at the table for us. 
A real treat just to watch him.

A day didn't pass with out our afternoon macchiato.


  1. It was an incredible place and magical. Every place I looked there was an amazing photo to be taken.

  2. Hi Scott....I was telling Mark yesterday ( Sunday) that when KJ and I lived and traveled Europe in the 80s Venice was our favorite of all the cities. The light, the food, the art were a continual feast. Your write-up made us long for it all again. Reg

  3. As nice as their week sounds, I think mine in
    Charlottesville was better. I wouldn't trade that time with those incrdible grandchildren for all the squid in Italy. Papa Whitehead

  4. I have relatives in the Veneto region and wish I was there now.